Tuesday, 31 July, 2007

Media was informed in advance?

The presence of media in large numbers, particularly channels like ETV and TV9 is raising suspicion that they knew some big development that was likely to happen at Mudigonda.

Mudigonda is a small mandal headquarter, one among thousands of mandals in the state. So how come the channels were present in advance before the incident took place. The place is also far off from Hyderabad, over 250 kms to be precise.

Even Vijayawada is a good two hours journey from Mudigonda. Therefore it is not possible for them to say that they rushed the team immediately. No channel has the wherewithal and equipment to cover each and every mandal let lone a district.

So it obvious that the incident was a pre-planned one and it was done with the intention of embarrassing the Y S Rajashekar Reddy government.

source from greatandhra.com

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